Entry #21

The return?

2015-06-28 13:22:12 by renege

Hello everyone!
As you know Lemon Pie command to close my account by using bots, they do not utilize, I make this post why it took like 2 or 4 months waiting for the close and not have closed.
Total if not me they will ask no close close Thank you for your understanding.


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2015-06-28 13:40:52

I dont get it and i dont understand.

renege responds:

Lel, blamed me for using bots when I do not use bots


2015-06-28 14:47:12

Gastaste tu tiempo esperando a que te cerraran la cuenta?
Ahora digo yo, porque no usaste esta cuenta si tenias tiempo?

renege responds:

No dabia que no la borrarian.
Total e estado haciendo tests pero no animaciones.
E intentado hacer animaciones y siempre le termino cagando xD.


2017-03-23 21:18:55

Makes no sense