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The return?

2015-06-28 13:22:12 by renege

Hello everyone!
As you know Lemon Pie command to close my account by using bots, they do not utilize, I make this post why it took like 2 or 4 months waiting for the close and not have closed.
Total if not me they will ask no close close Thank you for your understanding.

Good Bye Newgrounds

2015-03-24 19:09:48 by renege

I bring a very sad news those who admire me, my account newgrounds will be eliminated, and no longer be in Newgrounds because of LemonPie, do not get up my things planned to be a great entertainer as expected, truly, I am very sad.
Goodbye to all = (

Coming soon Madness:The Fool

2015-03-23 13:01:54 by renege

Soon will do an animation or good'm doing an animation which is titled Madness: The Fool.
Will be epic :D, or well maybe not but anyway I will do the animation and hope you like it.
Thanks for the 60 fans I am very happy :D


2015-03-18 15:49:38 by renege

New Sprites by me

Thanks for 60 Fans :D

so happy!


2015-03-13 21:29:03 by renege

52 Fans WOOHOO!
I'm super contentisimo for this :D
And celebrare with animation and preview with 1999Elias and Ratnic8000.
Thank you all :D

Sprites of my Character: Renege V2

Bad news

2015-03-09 17:10:23 by renege

I macromedia flash 8 failures.
When you open it and make a test I get this:

5155459_142593536151_Fails.jpgIf anyone can help me please help me.
Actually I want to be an entertainer, not an artist.
Sorry for my bad english.

New Movies!

2015-03-08 14:19:34 by renege

Soon will come from my new series called Madness: Madness Ricky revolution and aparate one collab of tests called: Madness testingfication.
The members are:
Renege (just me)
This interested to join?
Thank you for your attention and thanks for 41 fans!

New Sprites for kirill-drug17 and more!

2015-03-06 23:21:53 by renege

As you know tomorrow is the birthday of my best friend.
We must celebrate with sprites! Hank sprites Gun Sprites simple sprites Madness Combat 7 Sprites

Happy Birthday friend!


2015-03-05 21:30:10 by renege

As you know cancel my collab.
But I'm starting a new series that will be released shortly.
I bring some sprites and test.
Enjoy the sprites

This test.


Coming soon more tests and sprites.

Thank you!

Cooming soon: Madness Ricky Revolution

2015-03-01 16:11:29 by renege

A series in which the main character will Ricky J.Wimbletom.
What is the brother Hank J.Wimbleton.
He tries to find his brother ...
but he faced many dangers.


Thanks for 37 Fans!